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Knesset Highlights:
Fourth Knesset

(1959 - 1961)

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The fourth Knesset served for less than two years and early elections were held against the background of the Lavon Affair.

The main event during this short period was the capturing and trying of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. Eichmann had been caught by the Mossad in Argentina, in May 1960, and his trial opened before the District Court in Jerusalem in April 1961.

The first meeting in New York between Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer led to a motion of no-confidence in the Government supported by Herut and Maki.

The abduction of the child Yossale Schuchmacher by ultra-religious factors and his being illegally taken out of the country was an issue which was raised several times.

Sources: The Knesset

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