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Israel Cabinet & Ministers:
Twenty-Sixth Government

(November 22, 1995 - June 18, 1996)

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Shimon Peres, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Ezer Weizman, Seventh President;

Ephraim Sneh, Minister of Health

Amnon Rubinstein, Minister of Education and Culture

Haim Ramon, Minister of Interior

Shulamit Aloni, Minister of Communications, Science and the Arts

Ya'akov Tsur, Minister of Agriculture

Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister

Gonen Segev, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

Yisrael Kessar, Minister of Transportation

David Libai, Minister of Justice

Avraham Shochat, Minister of Finance

Moshe Shahal, Minister of Public Security

Micha Harish, Minister of Industry and Trade

Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Minister of Construction and Housing

Yossi Sarid, Minister of Environment

Yehuda Amital, Minister without Portfoliio

Yair Tsaban, Minister of Immigrant Absorption

Uzi Baram, Minister of Tourism

Shimon Shetreet, Minister of Religious Affairs

Yossi Beilin, Minister without Portfolio

Ora Namir, Minister of Labor and Welfare

Emanuel Hollander, Cabinet Secretary

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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