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Israel Cabinet & Ministers:
Twentieth Government

(October 10, 1983 - September 13, 1984)

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Yitzhak Shamir, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister

Chaim Herzog, Sixth President

David Levy, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Housing

Pesah Grupper, Minister of Agriculture

Gideon Patt, Minister of Industry and Trade

Moshe Arens, Minister of Defense

Aharon Uzan, Minister of Labor and Welfare

Eliezer Shostak, Minister of Health

Yuval Neeman, Minister of Science and Development

Moshe Nissim, Minister of Justice

Mordechai Zipport, Minister of Communications

Yosef Burg, Minister of Interior and Religion

Yitzhak Modai, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

Yaacov Meridor, Minister of Economics and Interministerial Coordination

Yoram Aridor, Minister of Finance

Avraham Sharir, Minister of Tourism

Mordechai Ben Porat, Minister without Portfolio

Sarah Doron, Minister without Portfolio

Ariel Sharon, Minister without Portfolio

Zevulun Hammer, Minister of Education and Cutlure

Haim Corfu, Minister of Transport

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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