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Israel Cabinet & Ministers:
Fifteenth Government

(December 15, 1969 - March 10, 1974)

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Yigal Allon, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Culture

Michael Arnon, Cabinet Secretary

Israel Barzilai, Minister without Portfolio

Menahem Begin, Minister without Portfolio

Yosef Burg, Minister of Social Welfare

Moshe Dayan, Minister of Defense

Arieh Dulchin, Minister without Portfolio

Abba Eban, Foreign Minister

Haim Gvati, Minister of Health and Agriculture

Shlomo Hillel, Minister of Police

Moshe Kol, Minister of Tourism

Haim Landau, Minister of Development

Golda Meir, Prime Minister

Shimon Peres, Minister of Immigrant Absorption

Elimelech Rimalt, Minister of Posts

Pinhas Sapir, Minister of Finance

Yosef Sapir, Minister of Trade and Industry

Haim Moshe Shapira, Minister of Interior

Shimshon Shapira, Minister of Police

Ze'ev Sharef, Minister of Housing

Zalman Shazar, Third President

Victor Shem Tov, Minister without Portfolio

Zerah Warhaftig, Minister of Religious Affairs

Ezer Weizman, Minister of Transport

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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