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Israel Cabinet & Ministers:
Twelfth Government

(December 22, 1964 - January 12, 1966)

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Yigal Allon, Minister of Labor

Yosef Almogi, Minister of Housing and Development

Zalman Aranne, Minister of Education and Culture

Yosef Burg, Minister of Social Welfare

Moshe Dayan, Minister of Agriculture

Abba Eban, Deputy Prime Minister

Levi Eshkol, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense

Akiva Guvrin, Minister of Tourism

Golda Meir, Foreign Minister

Pinhas Sapir, Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry

Eliyahu Sasson, Minister of Posts

Moshe Haim Shapira, Minister of Interior and Health

Zalman Shazar, Third President

Behor Shalom Shitrit, Minister of Police

Zerah Warhaftig, Minister of Religious Affairs

Dov Yosef, Minister of Justice

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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