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The Wye River Memorandum:
Israel Sets Conditions for Wye Implementation

(December 12, 1998)

Wye River Memorandum: Table of Contents | Full Text | Implementation Timeline

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On December 12, 1998, the Israeli government announced that it would carry out the next (second) stage of the Wye River Memorandum only when the The Palestinian Authority (PA) fulfills all of its commitments under that Agreement.

The Cabinet set five points — based on the Wye Agreement — that the Palestinians must fulfill:

1. Refrain from a unilateral declaration on a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

2. The PA must halt the violence.

3. The PA must halt the incitement to violence.

4. The PA must refrain from demanding (in violation of the Agreement) that Israel release murderers and prisoners with blood on their hands.

5. The PA must collect and remove illegal arms, arrest murderers residing in its areas and cooperate with Israel in combating terrorism.

If the The Palestinian Authority fulfills all of these commitments, Israel will carry out its part of the Wye Agreement regardless of the date of elections in Israel.

Sources: Israeli Government Press Office

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