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Geography of Israel:
Israel Has Withdrawn From More Than 93% of Disputed Territories

(June 2002)

Geography: Table of Contents | Boundaries | The Gaza Strip

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After the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel captured the Golan Heights, Sinai desert, West Bank, and Gaza Strip. The total area of these territories is approximately 70,000 square km. When Israel completed its return of the Sinai to Egypt as agreed in the peace treaty, it withdrew from nearly 90% of all the disputed territories. Since the signing of the Oslo Accords with the Palestinians, Israel has withdrawn from approximately 80% of the Gaza Strip and 40% of the West Bank. It also ceded a small swath of territory to Jordan as part of the peace treaty with that country. When taken together, Israel has now withdrawn from more than 93% of the territories won in the defensive war of 1967.

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