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Middle East Quartet:
Statement Endorses Extension of Mechanism to Fund Palestinian Authority

(December 22, 2006)

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Recalling its previous statements of 17 June 2006 and 20 September 2006, taking into account the need for the Palestinian Authority Government to respond to the 30 January 2006 Quartet principles, and mindful of the continuing needs of the Palestinian people, the Quartet endorsed the continuation of the Temporary International Mechanism (TIM) for a three-month period, and agreed to again review the need for such a mechanism at the end of that time.  The Quartet commended the efforts of the World Bank and European Union to facilitate needs-based assistance directly to the Palestinian people via the TIM.  Donors are also encouraged to respond to humanitarian and other assistance requests by international organizations, especially UN agencies, active in the West Bank and Gaza.

Sources: United Nations Secretary General

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