Palestinian Authority Promises to Remove Protocols References from Textbooks

(July 14, 2005)

Following a Jerusalem Post report that Palestinian textbooks contained references to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as an “integral part” of Zionist history, the Palestinian Authority has promised to remove the mention from future textbooks.

The textbooks were originally funded by Italy, Finland, and the Netherlands. However, this year's books only credited “Arab nations” and the Belgium government for funding.

“The Palestinians Minister [of Education Naim Abu al-Humos] said that it was a mistake that would be immediately corrected,” said a spokesman for the Belgian Ministry of Development. “They apologized and said they would report to us where the reference originated.” He added that in the next printing of this year's textbooks the reference would be omitted. A Web site for the Palestinian Education Ministry that also included a reference to the Protocols was corrected immediately, said the Belgian spokesman.

The Belgian government, which has funded the books since 2000, was scheduled to end its funding this year. “At this point we are not reviewing funding the textbooks for an additional year,” said the Belgian spokesperson.

Source: Jerusalem Post, (July 14, 2005)