U.S. To Give Security Equipment to PA

(January 31, 2000)

The Palestinian Authority will receive $100 million worth of security equipment this year as part of the five-year, $900 million Wye aid package, PA Minister for Planning and International Cooperation Nabil Shaath told The Jerusalem Post.

This was agreed during PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's recent visit to Washington.

Most of the equipment is surveillance and scanning devices for the crossing points, between Israel and the PA-controlled areas, Shaath said.

Since the Wye River agreement, which brought the CIA in as referee between Israel and the PA, the Palestinian Police and security services have established good relations with the U.S. intelligence agency. The CIA has trained members of the PA's security services and has supplied the PA with advice and equipment.

The PA also allocated about one-third of its budget for the year for the police and the security forces.

Source: Jerusalem Post, (January 31, 2000)