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2000 Camp David Summit Maps:
The Proposed Division of Jerusalem

(July 2000)

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The Israeli proposal at Camp David to divide Jerusalem into two parts (which was rejected by Arafat) included the following main points:

1. Jewish areas outside Jerusalem's municipal boundaries would be annexed to the city, including Givat Ze'ev, Ma'aleh Adumim and Gush Etzion.

2. Arab areas outside Jerusalem's municipal boundaries would become the heart of the new Arab city of Al-Quds, including Abu Dis, el-Azaria, Beit Jala, Anata and A-Ram.

3. Arab neighborhoods inside Jerusalem's present boundaries would either be annexed to Al-Quds or would be granted extensive self-rule.

4. Jerusalem's walled Old City would be divided, with the Muslim and Christian quarters offered autonomy under formal Israeli sovereignty while the Jewish and Armenian quarters remained fully under Israeli rule. The Palestinian state would gain religious autonomy over the Temple Mount.

Present municipal boundaries
Jewish areas to be annexed to Jerusalem
Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem to be ceded to Al-Quds
Arab areas outside Jerusalem to be designated Al-Quds
Old City to be divided between Jerusalem and Al-Quds

Sources: IRIS

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