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Israel-Egypt Relations:
Israel Government Rejects Egyptian Peace Plan

(July 9, 1978)

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On July 9, 1978, the Israeli cabinet turned down Egyptian peace proposals but agreed to accept an invitation issued by U.S. President Jimmy Carter to attend a tripartite meeting in London.
The following communique was issued by the Israel Foreign Ministry:

The proposals submitted by the Egyptian Government on July 3, 1978 entitled: Proposals relative to withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza and security arrangements are unacceptable to Israel and cannot by their nature lead to the establishment of peace in the Middle East and the conclusion of peace treaties with Israel.

The Cabinet decided to accept the invitation of the U.S. Secretary of State and to delegate Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan to the meetings with the Foreign Minister of Egypt Mr. Kamel which will take place in London on the 18th and 19th July, 1978.

Foreign Minister Dayan will present Israel's peace plan to the London conference with the view to resume the work of the Egyptian-Israeli Political Committee and the promotion of the peace-making process aiming at the conclusion of peace treaties.

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry

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