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George W. Bush Administration:
Statement On Annapolis Conference

(November 28, 2007)

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Mr. Prime Minister, thank you; Mr. President.  A series of successful meetings today with these leaders.  Yesterday was an important day, and it was a hopeful beginning.  No matter how important yesterday was, it's not nearly as important as tomorrow and the days beyond. 

I appreciate the commitment of these leaders to working hard to achieve peace.  I wouldn't be standing here if I didn't believe that peace was possible, and they wouldn't be here either if they didn't think peace was possible.

It's very important for the international community to support these two leaders during the bilateral negotiations that will take place.  And one thing I've assured both gentlemen is that the United States will be actively engaged in the process, that we will use our power to help you, as you come up with the necessary decisions to lay out a Palestinian state that will live side by side in peace with Israel

And so I wish you all the best.  I appreciate your courage and leadership.  It's an honor to call you friends.  And it's an honor to have watched you yesterday as you laid out your respective visions for something we all want, which is peace in the Holy Land.

Thank you very much.

Sources: The White House

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