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Synagogues of the World:

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  • Reform Synagogue of Bratislava which was completed in 1895 and designed by Dezso Milch
  • Hlohovec Synagogue
  • Neolog Synagogue in Kosice
  • Michalovce Synagogue
  • Piestany Synagogue
  • Senica Synagogue
  • Zilina Synagogue
  • Lucenec Synagogue
  • Prescov Synagogue
  • Prescov Synagogue
  • The main Humenne Synagogue
  • The Shul in Humenne
  • The small Shtiebel (Beshhamidrash) in Humenne
  • Velka Synagogue in Brno
  • Synagoga Postavena Roku in Kosice

Sources: HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (Jono David Media)
Postcards from Judaica Philatelic Resources
Picture of Lucenec Synagogue courtesy of: Ruth Ellen Gruber
Pictures of Humenne courtesy of Cherie Korer in memory of Regina Salamon Fox

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