Synagogues of the World


Reform Synagogue of Bratislava which was completed in 1895 and designed by Dezso Milch

Hlohovec Synagogue

Neolog Synagogue in Kosice

Michalovce Synagogue

Piestany Synagogue

Senica Synagogue

Zilina Synagogue

Lucenec Synagogue

Prescov Synagogue

Prescov Synagogue

The main Humenne Synagogue

The Shul in Humenne

The small Shtiebel (Beshhamidrash) in Humenne

Velka Synagogue in Brno

Synagoga Postavena Roku in Kosice

To learn about the history of the Slovakian Jewish community, click here.

Sources: HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (Jono David Media)

Postcards from Judaica Philatelic Resources

Picture of Lucenec Synagogue courtesy of: Ruth Ellen Gruber

Pictures of Humenne courtesy of Cherie Korer in memory of Regina Salamon Fox