Synagogues of the World


Moscow Choral Synagogue

The Great or Central Synagogue in Arkhipova Street, Moscow

The Synagogue in Minsk (now in Belarus)

The 16th-century synagogue of Shargorod - It is now a fruit factory.

The synagogue of Kuba (Azerbaidzhan) was turned into a textile factory in 1959.
It has reportedly been renovated and is active again.

The synagogue in Satanov

Great Synagogue (completed 1893), St. Petersburg

Restored Synagogue in St. Petersburg

Synagogue in Kansk, Siberia

Synagogue in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

Synagogue in Tomsk, Siberia

Smolensk Synagogue (confiscated by the Soviet government in 1922)

Main synagogue in Konigsberg (destroyed during Kristallnacht when town was in Germany)

Great Synagogue in Kuibyshev (Samara) built in 1908

Synagogue in Velikiye-Luki

Irkutsk Synagogue

Irkutsk Synagogue


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Sources: Irkutsk Synagogue courtesy of HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (© Jono David Media)
Moscow Choral Synagogue, Beyond the Pale
Photos of St. Petersburg synagogue (top three) and postcards of St. Petersburg, Siberia, Konigsberg, Kuibyshev, Smolensk, and Velikiye-Luki synagogues courtesy of Judaica Philatelic Resources
Lower four photos of St. Petersburg synagogue courtesy of Dr. Arthur Bard.