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The synagogue atop the ancient fortress of Masada, in Israel, is among the world's oldest. It dates from the time of the second temple.

Built during the Second Temple period in the First Century CE. The synagogue at Gamla is one of the most ancient in Israel.
The synagogue, the study room, and the mikvah constituted the religious and community center of the community

Joseph Caro Synagogue, Safed

Arbal Synagogue

Pekin Synagogue

Katzrin Synagogue

Hechil Uriel Synagogue, Ra'anana

Shivtei Yisreal Synagogue, Ra'anana

The Great Synagogue, Ra'anana

Moreshet Avot-Yad Naomi Synagogue, Ra'anana

Heichal Binyamin Synagogue, Ra'anana

Shalom Yoseph Synagogue, Ra'anana

Achim Synagogue, Ra'anana

Etzion Synagogue, Ra'anana

Abohov Synagogue, Tsfat

Ha'ari Synagogue, Tsfat

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Postcards from Judaica Philatelic Resources.
Caro, Arbal, Pekin, Katzrin, Gamla synagogue photos © Jack Hazut. No reproduction allowed without written permission from Jack Hazut and AICE.
Photos of synagogues in Tsfat courtesy of HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (Jono David Media)