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Synagogues of the World:

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  • Great Synagogue in Budapest
  • Great Synagogue Interior in Budapest
  • Dohany Synagogue
  • Synagogue of Zmad
  • The synagogue in Debrecen was built between 1895-97 and destroyed by fire in 1948.
  • New synagogue in Debrecen
  • Interior of synagogue in Debrecen
  • Debrecen Synagogue interior
  • The synagogue in Gyor was built in 1871 and designed by Karoly Benko. The synagogue was sold in 1969 and now used as a dance school.
  • Modern picture of the synagogue in Gyor.
  • Interior of the synagogue in Gyor.
  • Zalaegerszegi Synagogue
  • Szolnok Synagogue
  • Early 20th century postcard photo of the synagogue in Kecskemet. The synagogue is now used as a church.
  • Recent photo of the synagogue in Kecskemet
  • The Great Synagogue in Szeged was the result of a design competition held in 1898. The synagogue survived the war and has been declared an architectural monument.
  • Detail of Szeged Synagogue
  • View of dome of Szeged Synagogue
  • View of dome of Szeged Synagogue
  • View of the ark of Szeged Synagogue
  • Rabbi Immanuel Low (left) and actor Oszkar Beregi (right) stand on the bimah [podium] of the main synagogue in Szeged before 1944.
  • Szekszard Synagogue
  • Koszeg Synagogue
  • Hodmezovasarhely Synagogue
  • Orthodox Kazinczy utcai Synagogue
  • Gyöngyösi Synagogue
  • Sopron Synagogue
  • Interior of Sopron Synagogue
  • Interior of Sopron Synagogue
  • Kiskunhalasi Synagogue
  • Nagykanizsa Synagogue
  • Baja Synagogue
  • Apostagi Synagogue
  • Kossuth Ter Synagogue in Pecs
  • Kossuth Ter Synagogue in Pecs
  • Kossuth Ter Synagogue interior
  • Kossuth Ter Synagogue interior
  • Pesti Shul interior Budapest
  • Kisvarda Synagogue
  • The destroyed interior of the Oulo Beces synagogue, following its vandalization by Hungarian soldiers in 1941-1942.
  • Szombathely Synagogue

Sources: Great Synagogue in Budapest, Szeged synagogue (color), Sopron synagogue, Kossuth Ter Synagogue, and Szombathely Synagogue photos courtesy of HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (Jono David Media)
Old synagogue photos courtesy of Judaica Philatelic Resources. More recent photos courtesy of Hungarian Jewish Homepage
Black and white photos © Edward Serotta.
Pesti Shul photo from Pesti Shul
Postcards from Judaica Philatelic Resources
Szeged photo of Rabbi and Low, Oulo Beces synagogue from U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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