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The Ten Sefirot:

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Understanding, Discernment


Binah refers to the analytic, distinguishing aspects of God's thought.

It is the uppermost feminine element in the Godhead, and is symbolized as the mother of the Shekhinah. Many of the symbols associated with Binah are therefore identical to those of the Shekhinah.

Having received the seed from Hokhmah, Binah conceived and gave birth to the seven lower Sefirot.

There are fifty "Gates of Understanding."

Human Imagery (Primordial Man)

  • Forehead

Biblical Figures

  • The Matriarch Leah

Names of God

  • Elohim.

  • The Hebrew letter "he" in the four-letter name of God (The "Tetragrammaton").

  • The Tegtragrammaton when vocalized as the word "Elohim" ("God").

Other Symbols and Images

  • Supernal Mother, Supernal Shekhinah.
  • Palace.
  • Womb.
  • "Who."
  • Palace, Building.
  • Repentance ("Return," Teshuvah).
  • A river branching out into seven streams.
  • Supernal Jubilee.
  • The Hebrew Alphabet.
  • Supernal Justice.
  • Beersheba.
  • Lebanon (identified in Jewish tradition with Jerusalem).
  • Redemption.
  • Vows.

Sources: Prof. Eliezer Segal

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