First Attempt of the Nazi Party
to Expel Viennese Jewry

(October 1938)

Security Service of the Reichsfuehrer SS

Vienna 4

Vienna, October 5, 1938

To the

SD Sub-Section


Re: Operation against Jews

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At yesterday’s meeting of leading representatives [of the Nazi Party] at the Local Group "Goldegg" (Vienna, sub-District 3), it was announced by the head of the local group that in accordance with instructions from the Gau, a stepped-up operation against the Jews was to take place through October 10, 1938. As many Jews as possible should be caused to emigrate. If the Jews have no passports, then they will be pushed over the Czech border to Prague without a passport. If the Jews have no cash money they would be given RM 40  by the Gau for their departure.

In this operation against the Jews the impression is to be avoided that it is a Party matter; instead, spontaneous demonstrations by the people are to be caused. There could be use of force where Jews resist.


SD Branch, Vienna

Yad Vashem Archives, O-5/1-2.

Source: Yad Vashem