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Holocaust Survivors:
Survivors of the Nazi Extermination Camps

Survivors: Table of Contents | Photographs | Fate of Holocaust Survivors

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While millions of Jews and others were sent to the six Nazi extermination camps, only a few handfuls survived these camps.

Chelmno: Only two Jews survived.

Belzec: Two Jews survived - Rudolf Rader and Haim Hirshman.

Treblinka: Camp was razed on August 2, 1943. About 70 prisoners survived the war.

Sobibor: Approximately 50-70 Jews survived.

Majdanek: Liberated in July 1944. Approximately 12,000 prisoners greeted their liberators, but no Jews survived the camp.

Auschwitz: Liberated in January 1945. Only 1,200 people were still alive (additional 5,800 in Birkenau, 650 in Monowitz).

Sources: Ephraim Kaye, Desecraters of Memory: Confronting Holocaust Denial, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1997, pp. 45-46.

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