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The Einsatzgruppen:
Operational Situation Report USSR #8

(June 30, 1941)

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The Chief of the Security Police and the SD

June 30, 1941

25 copies
(25th copy)

[stamped] Secret Affair of the Reich


EK 1b

On June 28 Vorkommando (1) has moved into Kaunas. It has started its activity, occupying the former trade union building, the NKVD Building, as well as two other houses. During the night, exchange of heavy fire between Lithuanian insurgents, Jews, and irregulars. Very difficult to secure the prisons, which are totally overcrowded. During the last 3 days Lithuanian partisan groups have already killed several thousand Jews.

(The Einsatzgruppen Reports by Yitzak Arad, Shmuel Krakowski and Shmuel Spector, editors. p. 1)

(1) An advance unit

Source: The Nizkor Project

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