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The Einsatzgruppen:
Operational Situation Report USSR No. 183

(March 20, 1942)

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The Chief of the Security Police and Security Service

March 20, 1942

65 copies

(51st copy)

Einsatzgruppe A
Location: Krasnogvardeis

From Lithuania:

On March 12, 1942, ten Soviet parachutists landed near Labilish in the district of Birshai. During the chase, all ten were shot. The parachutists were equipped with weapons, hand grenades, maps, documents, German and Russian money, and a radio transmitter. All the equipment was seized.

From Byelorussia:

In the period February 5 to 28, the main SD office in Vileyka shot 29 Jews, four Communists, five partisans, five public enemies, and four persons for sabotage. Another 16 people were arrested.

During a round-up in Minsk of persons refusing to work, eleven people were arrested and sent to the SS labor camp.

(The Einsatzgruppen Reports by Yitzak Arad, Shmuel Krakowski and Shmuel Spector, editors. p. 315

Source: The Nizkor Project

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