Ban on the Use of the Railroads by Jews in the Generalgouvernement

(January 26, 1940)

Regulation for the Use of the Railroad by Jews in the Generalgouvernement, January 26, 1940

§ 1

1) The use of the Railroad by Jews is prohibited until further notice.

2) This does not apply to journeys for which there is an order in writing from the Governor General, his office, or of a District Commander.

§ 2

Contraventions will be punished with a prison sentence and an unlimited fine, or one of these penalties.

A special court will handle these cases.

§ 3

This Regulation takes effect on the day of promulgation.

Cracow, January 26, 1940

The Governor General
for the Occupied Polish Territories


Source: Verordnungsblatt fur das Generalgouvernement ("Official Gazette of the Government-General"), Cracow , 1940, p. 45.

Source: Yad Vashem - Eclipse of Humanity