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Ravensbrück : Table of Contents | History & Overview | Today

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  • Female prisoners at forced labor digging trenches at the Ravensbrueck concentration camp. This photograph is from the SS-Propaganda-Album des Frauen-KZ-Ravensbrueck 1940-1941.
  • Women from Ravensbrueck at forced labor.
  • Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler inspects Ravensbrueck
  • Elsbeth Zedner, a social worker, arrested distributing anti-German leaflets. Arrived in Ravensbrueck November 1941
  • Female Jewish prisoners who have recently been released from Ravensbrueck, cross the Danish border at the Padborg station on their way to Sweden.
  • Women from Ravensbrueck forced to work in the snow.
  • Women prisoners in the spinning workshop in Ravensbrueck.
  • Straw-shoeplaiting workshop in Ravensbrueck.
  • Shoe repair workshop in Ravensbrueck.

Sources: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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