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Plaszow: Table of Contents | Photographs | Plaszow Today

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  • An SS guard and his dog at Plaszow
  • Jewish prisoners at forced labor in Plaszow
  • Prisoners carry food to other prisoners performing forced labor
  • Plaszow prisoners carry loaves of bread to the Madritch factory where German Army uniforms were made
  • Four prisoners carry food to other prisoners laying railroad tracks in Plaszow
  • Prisoners in Plaszow pull carts to construct the camp’s roads
  • Ukrainian SS personnel and their German officers in Plaszow. These men were used as guards to supplement the German SS staff until the official redesignation of Plaszow as a concentration camp in January 1944. Thereafter, the camp was staffed by 600 men of the SS Totenkopfverbaende (Death Head Units).
  • Jewish women prisoners of Plaszow at forced labor on “Industry Street”
  • Women prisoners in Plaszow at forced labor

Sources: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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