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Holocaust Crimes Photographs:
Nazi Medical Experiments

Crimes Photos: Table of Contents | Kristallnacht | Hadamar Facility

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** Warning: Photos contain graphic images, including death & nudity **
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  • Gypsy Victim of Dachau Medical Experiment
  • Children Used in Medical Experiments
  • Nazi physician Carl Clauberg performs experiments at Block 10, Auschwitz
  • Victim of a medical experiment immersed in freezing water at the Dachau concentration camp
  • Prisoner at Dachau in a compression chamber dies during a high-altitude, no-oxygen experiment
  • A Roma Gypsy victim of experiment to make seawater potable at Dachau
  • Jewish woman from Budapest, victim of starvation experiment at Dachau
  • Jadwiga Dzido, of the Polish underground, poses at War Crimes Trial to show scarring from sulphonamide drug experiments at Ravenbrueck
Individual Photos: Gypsy Victim [1] | Children [2] | Carl Clauberg [3] | Freezing Water [4]
High-Altitude [5] | Seawater [6] | Starvation [7] | War Crimes Trial [8]

Sources: National Archives; Shoah/Holocaust; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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