KL Mauthausen Central Camp

"Easterly Complex",April 2, 1945, 01.30 p.m., 26.000 feet

KL Mauthausen central camp is located some 3 km east of the KL Gusen I & II camps. Today it is a museum to commemorate the 120.000 victims that died in a system of 49 different camps. The biggest group of victims (some 40.000 out of them) died at the bigger Gusen camps some kilometers away. In the final phase of the war, the stone-quarries and most of the surrounding buildings of the camp were used for the production of KL Gusen II aircraft-parts too.

The photograph shows:

  • The WIENERGRABEN STONE-QUARRY with Death Staircase (upper left)
  • The SS-BARRACKS (between stone-quarry and prisoners´ camp)
  • The PRISONERS´ CAMP (lower right)
  • The Sanitary Camp where many Gusen inmates were brought to die (lower left)

Source: Gusen Memorial Committee. Photo Gusen Memorial Committee