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The SS (Schutzstaffel):

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Mann was a paramilitary rank used by several Nazi Party paramilitary organizations between 1925 and 1945. The rank is most often associated with the SS, and also as a rank of the SA where Mann was the lowest enlisted rank and was the equivalent of a Private.

In 1938, with the rise of the SS-Verfügungstruppe (later called the Waffen-SS), the SS changed the rank of Mann to Schütze, although still retained the original SS rank of Mann for the Allgemeine-SS (General SS). The rank of Mann was junior to SS-Obermann.

In most Nazi Party organizations, the rank of Mann held no distinctive insignia. Some groups, however, granted a minor form of rank insignia such as a blank collar patch or bare shoulder board to denote the rank of Mann. An even lower rank, known as Anwärter, was established in the mid-1930s as a recruit or candidate position, held by an individual seeking an appointment as a Mann in a Nazi Party paramilitary organization.

Sources: Wikipedia; Picture courtesy of: U.S. National Archives

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