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The Warsaw Ghetto:
The Last Battle in the Great Tragedy

(April 29, 1943)

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...A week ago the second stage began in the brutal annihilation of the Polish Jews. The Germans set about expelling the 40,000 Jews who still remained in Warsaw. The ghetto replied with armed struggle. The Jewish Fighting Organization opened a war of the weak against the strong. With scant forces, few arms and little ammunition, without water, blinded by smoke and fire, the Jewish fighters defended streets and individual houses. In the dusk they withdrew step by step, more because of the fire that had taken hold in the close-built houses than because of the enemy who was equipped with modern military arms. They considered it a victory if a part of those imprisoned in the ghetto were able to escape; it was a victory in their eyes to die while their hands still grasped arms....

Yad Vashem Archives, O-25/25.

* From the Underground AK newspaper Biuletyn Informacyjny ("Information Bulletin"), No. 17, April 29, 1943.

Source: Yad Vashem

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