KL Gusen I & II Concentration Camps

"Central Complex," March 15, 1945, 03.00 p.m., 29,000 feet

KL Gusen I & II camps had been the biggest satellite of the Mauthausen system of camps. Since 1944, with some 25.000 inmates, these KL Gusen camps had double the number of inmates than the Mauthausen central camp.

The 16.000 inmates of KL Gusen II (left part of the photograph) had to work in the St.Georgen "BERGKRISTALL" underground installations some 3 km west of this camps. The inmates of KL Gusen I hat to work in the stone-quarries, barracks and tunnels north of the 2 camps.

The photograph shows:

  • The KL Gusen II camp (No. 19)
  • The KL Gusen I camp (left of No. 13)
  • The SS Barracks (left and right of No. 15)
  • The KASTENHOF Stone-Quarry with Stone-Crusher (No.21)
  • The GUSEN Stone-Quarry (No.26)
  • The MESSERSCHMITT Barracks (follow arrow at No. 17)

Source: Gusen Memorial Committee . Photo credit: Gusen Memorial Committee