Most Salonica Jews Deported

(August 9, 1943)



Of the 55,000 Jews in Salonica, only about 5,000 foreign Jews, mostly of Spanish and Turkish nationality remain, all the rest having been deported to Poland. The entire property of the Greek Jews is said to have been confiscated. (J.T.A. 24/27/5/43) There has been no further reference to anti-semitic regulations in central and southern Greece.

Source: Postal and Telegraph Censorship report on Jewry, Period: January to June, 1943. London 9th August 1943.

Source: Documents: The Jews in Greece, 1941-1944: Eyewitness Accounts, by Alexandros Kitroeff, Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vo. XII, No. #3, (Fall 1985)