Proclamation to the Jews of Athens

(November 1943)


Report No. 82664  
November 1943


Source and degree of reliability: Jewish Agency Representative. B-2.

All Jews who come under the jurisdiction of the German administration must remain in the places of residence where they were before 1. 6. 1943. Jews are forbidden to leave or exchange residences. Jews who are now in Athens and vicinity must report themselves within 5 days at the Jewish Community Center of Athens, and write their names in the lists there. At that time they must give their addresses. In regions outside Athens these duties must be fulfilled at competent municipal or community offices. Jews who do not obey this order will be shot immediately. Non-Jews, who shelter Jews or help them to escape will be immediately sent to concentration camp or given a more severe punishment.

Jews of foreign nationality must appear at the Community Center at Athens at 8 A.M. on 18.10.43 and show their identity papers. Outside Athens this inspection will be by the above mentioned competent authorities.

The Jewish Community of Athens is named the sole agent for all Jewish affairs in Greece, nomination to take effect immediately.

The Jewish community shall immediately choose a senior Counsellor, who will take over this duty forthwith....

Source: Documents: The Jews in Greece, 1941-1944: Eyewitness Accounts, by Alexandros Kitroeff, Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vol. XII, No. #3, (Fall 1985)