Jews Arrested Around Greece

(March 28, 1944)

Report No. 19670
28 March 1944

SUBJECT: Military Information; Arrest of Jews.

Source: Reliable.

1. The Germans have evacuated Egoumenitsa (R. 53) and are reported, but not confirmed, also to have left Corfu.

2. A large German column moved on 27 March from Agrinion (X. 43) to Yannina.

3. It is reported that heavy material is being moved from the Epirus area toward Salonica.

4. Zervas Antartes now occupy Parga (R. 51).

5. Jews in Arta (X.09), Prevesa (W.87) and Yannina (S.04) have been arrested and sent to Metsovon (S.35).

Source: "Documents: The Jews in Greece, 1941-1944: Eyewitness Accounts," by Alexandros Kitroeff, Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vol. XII, No. #3, (Fall 1985)