Jewish Population in Greece

(January 23, 1943)


International Press Agency, 5.1.43. It is reported from Athens that the number of Jews in Greece totals 100,000 or 1.5% of the population. In Greece proper (Peloponnese and Thessaly) the number of Jews is small. In Athens there are 2,000, on Corfu 3,500 and on Crete 600. The majority of Jews live in southern Macedonia, and out of the total population of 250,000 in Salonica, there are 70,000 Jews. (The 1928 census gave the number of Jews in Greece as 72,791, though a later estimate in 1938 suggested 75,000. According to the 1928 census, 60,484 were in Macedonia, of which 55,983 lived in Salonica and 2,166 in Kavalla-Ed.).

Source: News Digest, No. 1038 (E.H. Series) January 23, 1943.

Source: Documents: The Jews in Greece, 1941-1944: Eyewitness Accounts, by Alexandros Kitroeff, Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Vo. XII, No. #3, (Fall 1985)