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The Warsaw Ghetto:
The Greatest Crime in the World

(April 30, 1943

Warsaw Ghetto: Table of Contents | Evacuation of Jews | Simcha Rotem

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...Now that Warsaw has witnessed the last act of the bestial German action, we cannot simply pass over the change in attitude of the victims, who, being unable to change their fate, decided to fall with arms in their hands. This stand of theirs, understood by every Pole, changes the picture significantly. From a people without hope, a herd slaughtered by the German murderers, the Jews rose to the heights of a fighting people. And if it could not fight for its existence – a thing made impossible by the overwhelming advantage in numbers of the enemy – it did demonstrate its right to life as a nation.

The Polish public looks upon this happening with great respect, gives it its moral support and hopes that its resistance will continue for as long as is possible....

Yad Vashem Archives, O-25/25.

* From the Underground newspaper Mysl Panstwowa ("State Thought"), No. 37, April 30, 1943.

Source: Yad Vashem

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