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Joseph Goebbels:
On the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt

(May 1, 1943)

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"There is nothing sensational in the reports from the Occupied Territories. The only thing noteworthy is exceptionally sharp fighting in Warsaw between our Police, and in part even the Wehrmacht, and the Jewish rebels. The Jews have actually succeeded in putting the ghetto in a condition to defend itself. Some very hard battles are taking place there, which have gone so far that the Jewish top leadership publishes daily military reports. Of course this jest will probably not last long. But it shows what one can expect of the Jews if they have arms. Unfortunately they also have some good German weapons in part, particularly machine-guns. Heaven only knows how they got hold of them."

Sources: J. Goebbels, Goebbels Tagebuecher aus den Jahren 1942-1943, mit andern Dokumenten ("Goebbels' Diaries for the Years 1942-1943, and Other Documents"), Zurich, 1948, p. 318; Yad Vashem

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