Death Penalty for Trade in a Concentration Camp

(February 19, 1942)

Report of the Commander of the Jewish Concentration Camp of Daugavpils
To the Commander of Section No. 1 of the Police at Daugavpils

February 19, 1942

On February 19th of this year the Jewess Chaya Mayerova, born 1893, was arrested in the Jewish Camp for exchanging a piece of material against approximately 2 kgs. of flour, with a maintenance laborer* in the concentration camp. In accordance with the instructions of the German Security Police, the Jewess Mayerova was executed by shooting at ten o'clock today in the yard of the camp, in the presence of the other Jews of the camp. The laborer who exchanged the flour for the material was not found. Attached: the bag with the flour.

Source: My Obviniayem ("We Accuse"), Riga, 1967, p. 184.

* The reference is to a non-Jew.

Source: Yad Vashem