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Concentration Camps Photos:

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** Warning: Photos may contain graphic imagery **
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  • Group portrait of five Jewish prisoners in Belzec (May 1940)
  • SS Guards stand in formation behind outside the commandant's house at Belzec (1942)
  • Gypsy prisoners in Belzec await instructions from the Nazis (November 1941)
  • Camp commandant's house in Belzec (1940-1944)
  • Jewish forced laborers in Belzec (1942)
  • A pile of shoes of the people murdered in Belzec
  • A Gypsy couple at Belzec
  • Two Jews before their execution at Belzec
  • Jews of the Lublin Province of Poland are deported to the Belzec death camp (March 1942)

Sources: Photos of Victims Shoes and Deportation of Lublin Jews courtesy of Shoah - The Holocaust; All other photos courtesy of US Holocaust Memorial Museum;

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