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Nazi War Crimes Trials:
The Belzec Trial

(August 1963 - June 1964)

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A group of ex-officials of the Belzec extermination camp were arraigned before a West German court, from August 8, 1963 to June 24, 1964. Only one was found guilty, and six were acquitted. The lead defendent, Josef Oberhauser, was sentenced to 4.5 Years Imprisonment.

Josef Oberhauser: 4.5 Years Imprisonment
Karl - Alfred Schluch : Acquitted & Released
Ernst Zierke : Acquitted & Released
Heinrich Unverhau : Acquitted & Released
Werne Dubious : Acquitted & Released
Erich Fuchs : Acquitted & Released
Robert Jührs : Acquitted & Released

Sources: Skalman

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