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Nazi War Crimes Trials:
Natzweiler Trial

(April 9 - May 5, 1946)

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The commandant of Natzweiler, Fritz Hartjenstein, and five others were tried by a British war crimes court at Wuppertal, from April 9, 1946 to h May 5, 1946. All of the accused were found guilty; of these, three were sentenced to death and two hanged, one was later commutted. Three were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. The death sentences were carried out on October 11, 1946.

Fritz Hartjenstein: The Death Sentence (Commutted to Life Imprisonment)
Magnus Wochner: 10 Years Imprisonment
Peter Straub: The Death Sentence (Executed on the 11th October 1946)
Kurt Geigling: 10 Years Imprisonment
Josef Muth: 15 Years Imprisonment
Franz Berg: The Death Sentence (Executed on the 11th October 1946)

Sources: Skalman

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