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Nazi War Crimes Trials:
Third Majdanek Trial

(November 26, 1975 - June 30, 1981)

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The third of the Majdanek trials, from November 26, 1975, to June 30, 1981, sixteen defendants, were arraigned before a West Geman Court at Dusseldorf. Eight were found guilty. Two were released due to ill health and one died during the trial. five were acquitted. and the remainder were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

Hermann Hackmann: 10 Years Imprisonment
SS Dr Heinrich Schmidt: Acquitted & Released
Arnold Strippel: 3 & ½ Years Imprisonment
Hermine Braunsteiner: Life Imprisonment
Wilhelm Reinartz: Severed from the Case (Due to Illness)
Charlotte Mayer: Acquitted & Released
Rosy Süss: Acquitted & Released
Heinrich Groffmann: Acquitted & Released
Emil Laurich: 8 Years Imprisonment
Hildegard Lachert: 12 Years Imprisonment
Thomas Ellwanger: 3 Years Imprisonment
Fritz-Heinrich Petrick: 4 Years Imprisonment
Hermine Böttcher: Acquitted & Released
Joanna Zelle: Severed from the Case (Due to Illness)
Heinz Villain: 6 Years Imprisonment
Alice Orlowski: (Died during the Trial)

Sources: Skalman

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