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Nazi War Crimes Trials:
Justice Trial

(March 5 - December 4, 1947)

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Fifteen former jurists were convicted in Case No.3 (The "Justice" Trial), which was held before the International military tribunal at Nuremberg, from March 5, 1947 to December 4, 1947. Nine were found guilty. Six were acquitted, and the remainder to various terms on imprisonment.

Josef Alstötter: 5 Years Imprisonment
Paul Barnickel: Acquitted & Released
Karl Engert: Acquitted & Released
Gunther Jöl: 10 Years Imprisonment
Ernst Lautz: Acquitted & Released
Oswald Rothaug: Life Imprisonment
Franz Schlegelberger: Life Imprisonment
Rudolf Oeschey: Life Imprisonment
Curt Rothenberger: 7 Years Imprisonment
Hermann Cuhorst: Acquitted & Released
Herbert Klemm: Life Imprisonment
Wilhelm von Ammon: 10 Years Imprisonment
Hans Petersen: Acquitted & Released
Gunther Nebelung: Acquitted & Released
Wolfgang Mettgenberg: 10 Years Imprisonment

Sources: Skalman

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