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Nazi War Crimes Trials:
Concentration Camp Trial

(April 8 - September 22, 1947)

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Eighteen ex-SS officials convicted in Case No.4 (" W.V.H.A." Trial), which was held before the International military tribunal at Nuremberg, from the April 8, 1947 to September 22, 1947. Fifteen were found guilty, five were sentenced to death, four being subsequently commutted, and the remainder to various terms of imprisonment.

Oswald Pohl: The Death Sentence (Executed on the 8th June 1951)
Georg Lörner: The Death Sentence (Commutted to Life Imprisonment)
August Frank: Life Imprisonment
Heinz - Karl Fanslau: 25 Years Imprisonment
Hans Lörner: 10 Years Imprisonment
Josef Vögt: Acquitted & Released
Erwin Tschentscher: 10 Years Imprisonment
Rudolf Scheide: Acquitted & Released
Max Keifer: Life Imprisonment
Franz Eirenschmalz: The Death Sentence (Commutted to 9 Years Imprisonment)
Karl Sommer: The Death Sentence (Commutted to 10 Years Imprisonment)
Dr Hermann Pook: 10 Years Imprisonment
Hans - Heinrich Baier: 10 Years Imprisonment
Dr Hans Höhberg: 10 Years Imprisonment
Leo Völk: 10 Years Imprisonment
Karl Mummenthey: Life Imprisonment
Hans Bobermin: 20 Years Imprisonment
Horst Klein: Acquitted & Released

Sources: Skalman

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