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The Dachau Trials:
Muehldorf Cases

(February 1946 - May 1947)

Dachau Trials: Table of Contents | Background & Overview | Buchenwald Cases

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From February 1, 1946 to May 13, 1947, fourteen defendants were indicted for crimes related to the atrocities committed by the Nazis at the Muehldorf concentration camp.

USA v. Franz Auer, et al. [PDF]

Auer, Franz
Bechmann, Karl
Bayha, Wilhelm
Engelhardt, Heinrich
Flocken, Erika
Gickeleiter, Karl
Giesler, Hermann
Gottchling, Daniel
Griesinger, Wilhelm
Jergas, Wilholm
Ostermanh, Anton
Schmidberger, Jakob
Spaeth, Herbert
Sperling, Otto

Sources: Dachau Trials; The National Archives ; Skalman

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