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Jewish Victims of the Holocaust:
Mass Grave Containing the Remains of Thousands of Murdered Jews Found in Ukraine


Jewish Victims: Table of Contents | The Soap Myth | Philipp Auerbach

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A mass grave containing close to 5,000 Jews murdered during the Holocaust was accidently unearthed in the southern region of the Ukraine in mid-May 2007. The grave was found as workers were in the middle of laying new gas pipelines in the Ukranian village of Gvozdavka-1, located near Odessa. During the Holocaust, there existed two Jewish ghettos near the village which housed 28,000 Jews gathered from neighboring towns. Of the Jews housed in the Gvozdavka ghettos, 10,000 were eventually mudered at a rate of 500 a day. The discovery of the hidden mass grave in Gvozdavka is not the first to be found in recent years, indeed, there are believed to be between 250-700 other mass graves containing the remnants of Jews murdered during the Holocaust in the Ukraine alone, more than 100 of them lacking monuments or markers. While plans for the sight still remain unknown, Rabbi Shlomo Baksht, chief rabbi of Odessa, hopes to fence off the area and erect a monument to those slain, in the immediate future.


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