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Maidanek Visitor Information

Majdanek: Table of Contents | An Overview | Photographs

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Panstwowe Muzeum Na Majdanku
Droga Meczennikow Majdanka 67
20-325 Lublin
Phone: 48+81-7442647
Fax: 48+81-7440526

Schedule for the gas chambers, the shoe exibit, the model of the camp and the crematorium
October-April: 8am-3pm
May-September: 8am-6pm

Schedule for the Historical Exhibition
March-Arpril & October-November: 8am-3pm
May-September: 8am-6pm
December 1-Febuary 28: CLOSED
Monday, Religious and National Holidays: CLOSED

Entrance Fee

*Children under 14 are not admitted into the sight*

Train: Take a train to Lublin station. The Lublin station is about 2 miles away from the camp.
Bus: #28 Eastbound from the train station, Bus # 23 from the City Center, Trolley Buses 153, 156 158

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