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Holocaust Resistance:
Kreisau Circle

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The Kreisau Circle was a clandestine intellectual and political salon hosted and led by conspirator Count Helmuth von Moltke, the descendant of Germany's legendary 19th century strategist. The gathering was so named because its members frequently met at von Moltke's Kreisau estate.

A number of academic and political topics were often discussed here such as history, literature, and the concept of better government. But the Kreisau Circle's most important achievement vis a vis the conspiracy to overthrow Hitler was in the contribution of it's members to planning the new German state that would come to power after a coup had overthrown the Nazi regime.

The illustrious personalities of the Kreisau Circle shared many academic interests but also held diverse political views on how to structure the new German state. Conservative, liberal, and socialist outlooks jockeyed for influence. But all were agreed on the dire necessity to destroy Hitler and the Nazi regime as soon as possible in order to save Germany and Europe.

Source: Joric Center

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