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The Holocaust:
Histadrut Hears Report On Situation in Poland

(January 27, 1944)

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From Constantinople - D. Zimand, Hanoar Hatzioni emissary in Constantinople, in response to remarks by Eliezer Unger and Yosef Korniansky, who reached Palestine in January 1944.

D. Zimand: I am sure many of you took part in the Hakibbutz Hameuhad conference and heard the remarks of the comrades from Poland. Many heard these remarks after they appeared in the press, and they asked: Aren't they overstating the historical facts?

As a rule, I'm sorry to say that none of the adjustments change the picture greatly. All the reports and accounts that we've received contain almost the same numbers, almost the same dates, the same description. Maybe the source adds something about himself, personally, but the account, the numbers, and the dates are the same, and there is no doubt whatsoever about their reliability.

Source: Labour Movement Archives, Vol. M/70 (Hebrew)

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