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Gross-Rosen Visitor Information

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Panstwowe Muzeum Gross-Rosen

w Rogozica 58-152 Goczalkow Woj.Walbrzyskie, Poland


Fax: 48+33+432227

Open Daily October 16-March 15: 8am-5pm March 16-April 30: 8am-6pm May 1-August 31: 8am-8pm September 1-October 15: 8am-6pm *Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to visit* January 1, December 25, Easter Sunday: CLOSED

Entrance Fee:


Travel via Train:

Take the train to Rogoznica. The station is about two miles away from the camp Bus: There is a bus stop in front of the camp. The bus comes from Strezgdom.

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