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Joseph Goebbels:
On the Jewish Question

(December 13, 1941)

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“Regarding the Jewish question, the Fuehrer is determined to clean the table. He prophesized that should the Jews once again bring about a world war, they would be annihilated. These were no empty words. The world war has come, therefore the annihilation of the Jews has to be its inevitable consequence. The question has to be examined without any sentimentality. We are not here to pity Jews, but to have pity for our own German people. If the German people have sacrificed about 160,000 dead in the battles in the east, the instigators of this bloody conflicr will have to pay for it with their lives.”

Sources: Goebbels’ diaries, Part II, Volume 2, pg. 498 - entry for December 13, 1941; Kaye, Ephraim. "Desecraters of Memory: Confronting Holocaust Denial." Yad Vahsem - International School of Holocaust Studies, Jerusalem (1997).

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